The Nightmare Realm

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The Challenge

The key challenge for the Halloween 2017 campaign was to beat the performance benchmarks achieved by the previous year’s campaign. This entailed driving more sales at less cost and in the process delivering a much higher return on investment from the Nightmare Realm’s digital investment.

The Solution

We created an integrated cross-device campaign, aiming to engage prospective customers across a variety of different ad platforms in a coordinated way: social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat), YouTube, AdWords and Programmatic Display. We used first-party data to engage previous years’ customers and as the basis for creating lookalike audiences.

Improved Copy

We found that mentioning the price of the event in the ad copy significantly improved our click-through rate.

Negative Keywords

We optimised our use of negative keywords in order to improve click-through rate even further.

Specific Demographic Marketing

We aimed primarily to remarket to customers who had already demonstrated an interest in The Nightmare Realm and other horror inspired events.

The Client Says

“The team at Ads360 nailed it, delivering a very strong year on year uplift across all metrics – revenues, traffic and most importantly return on investment. They also introduced new ad formats and platforms to the campaign mix that helped us get our message out creatively and profitably to our target audience.“

Owner, E-T-C (agent for The Nightmare Realm)

The Results...

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Campaign Return on Investment
Award Winner - DMA "Best Social Media for Events"
Increase in revenue YoY

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