Cornbury Music Festival

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The Challenge...

We were asked to design a campaign to deliver increased awareness amongst a new audience, and most importantly deliver strong ticket-sales.

The Background

 The Cornbury Festival is in its 16th  year. It caters for an older, more up-market crowd that want to see great artists in a refined environment! Up until now it has relied on word of mouth and traditional marketing; including the Sunday papers, local OOH and local Radio. But with a new website they wanted a strategy that embraced targeted digital marketing, so they turned to Ads360. 

The Solution

The plan was to achieve maximum return from a relatively small budget by using just three platforms. Targeted advertising was to be run on Facebook and Instagram to promote the festival’s unique selling points such as the headliners – The Specials, Keane and the Beach boys, the food, the family element and line-up.  Google Search was planned to capitalise on the awareness generated and drive conversions.

Our targeting started broad to establish awareness before focusing on re-marketing to those who engaged with our initial content. As part of our broad strategy we targeted people interested in artists who were part of the festival line up, music festivals and similar interests. We used non-branded keywords, as well as lookalikes. Lookalikes on Facebook and instagram  reached new audiences who shared similar interests and activities such  as:

  • People who Add to Cart but don’t purchase
  • People who watch at least 95% of a video
  • People who’ve engaged with any of the Facebook ads or posts
  • People who like the Facebook page.

Re-marketing was our second  tactic. We sought to find people who previously showed interest in the festival to nudge them toward converting. Our specific strategy for re-marketing focused on:

  • People who add to cart but don’t Purchase
  • People who watch at least 95% of a video
  • People who’ve engaged with ads/posts
  • People who like/follow the Facebook Page
  • Branded Keywords

Across Facebook, video ads, carousel ads and targeted boosted posts were used. These included festival posters highlighting the headliners and professional video footage taken from the previous year. These high quality creatives were a tremendous asset. We also boosted posts to elevate the status of a well maintained Facebook page with lots of festival information. Having a Facebook page with a strong history of consistent content posting helps encourage previous attendees to purchase new tickets when they’re released.

Google Search used branded search ads and non-branded search ads.

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Return on Investment
Conversion rate
Year on year increase in ticket sales
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