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The Challenge

The primary objective for this campaign was to increase the efficiency of’s AdWords account, thereby increasing online revenue year-on-year, with a reduced annual advertising budget leading to a greatly improved ROI.

The Solution

We developed a strategy geared towards maximising return on investment(ROI). We trimmed and streamlined their Adwords approach to focus on generating maximum revenue. We developed strategies focused on retaining their user-base and repeat visits.

We observed historical patterns in revenue and conversion rate, to best direct the client’s annual budget to maximise profit and ROI.

We removed double-tracking and irrelevant conversion tracking metrics in the Adwords dashboard. To generate smarter metrics.

We decided to implement comprehensive lists of negative keywords, cutting down on high volumes of irrelevant traffic that had historically slowed down conversion rates.

We came up with targeted seasonal campaigns over a 10-month period, in order to intelligently advertise to the most relevant audiences.

The Client says...

“The team at Ads360 helped drive our ROI considerably, freeing up my time to work on the business. We were happy that the account was optimised to make our budget work as hard as it could, and that new Google features were tested and implemented where they proved to work.”

Anthony Birchall, director,

The Results

0 %
Year-on-year increase in sales
Reduced year-on-year budget
Year-on-year increase in ROI