Boosting Radio Listeners

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The Challenge

Union Jack Radio and Jack Radio are national DAB stations owned by the JackFM group. With strong personalities they are designed to appeal to very different audiences. However, being newly launched into a crowded marketplace they share the same challenge, namely getting audiences to discover them.

JackFM asked us to design a campaign to boost awareness amongst new audiences, drive online listening and convert online trial into long term listeners on DAB.

The Solution

The campaigns were set up to maximise conversions i.e. online radio player launch and page likes. Under-pining this strategy was the desire to deliver conversions at the lowest possible cost. Two platforms wre chosen to achieve this:

Social – Facebook/Instagram Ads
Programmatic Display Ads

The campaigns were designed to target broad interest-based audiences, lookalike audiences and re-marketing audiences within key regions, and with a specific focus on the demographics that define the two stations’ audiences.

Union Jack Radio: bias towards 35+ year old males
Jack Radio: bias towards 35+ year old females

Audience targeting adopted a strategic funnel approach. It began broad (e.g. prospecting, topic-based audiences – see more below) to establish brand awareness and engagement. Highly engaged audiences were then funnelled through a re-marketing campaign to maximise radio play conversions.

The Client says...

“We approached ADS360 to help us reach new audiences for our national radio stations, Union JACK Radio and JACK Radio UK, and ultimately drive online listening which we then hope to convert into traditional DAB audience.

Our challenge was to target relevant listeners across the UK in a cost effective and accountable way.

The team at ADS360 have really helped us elevate our national stations and drive further engagement – we’re thrilled with the progress so far!”

Hamish Law – Head of Sales & Digital – National
JackFm, Jack2 , Jack3

The Results

Online Radio Plays
Increase in monthly listeners
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Increase in Facebook followers