Increasing Online Sales

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The Challenge

JackFM radio broadcasts across Oxfordshire. 

They asked us to design a campaign to boost sales from their online voucher shop. Their voucher shop offers discounted experiences such as kids activities, Golf days and spa experiences. 

It was important that the campaign delivered was cost effective, delivering strong return on investment.

The Solution

The campaigns were set up to deliver the maximum number of purchases at the lowest possible cost. Two advertising platforms were chosen:

  • Social – Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • PPC – Google Search Ads

The campaigns were designed to target broad interest-based audiences, lookalike audiences and re-marketing audiences across Oxfordshire.

Audience targeting was built around a strategic funnel approach, which began broad to establish brand awareness and engagement.

Further through the funnel highly engaged audiences were funnelled through a re-marketing campaign to maximise purchase conversions.

The Client says...

“Our e-commerce voucher platform is well established in Oxfordshire but needed to progress to the next level. Revenues were good but we felt we could reach out to more people and convert the demand into increased sales. ADS360 have helped boost monthly sales to record levels with a highly effective campaign with strong ROI.

We look forward to developing our e-commerce campaign, driving strong results and continuing to raise the bar further.”


Hamish Law – Head of Sales & Digital – National

JackFm, Jack2 , Jack3

The Results

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Return on Investment
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