Our Gold Sales package is our premium sales solution designed to deliver cost-effective sales at scale. It gives you the flexibility to promote a larger range of products and services.



Who’s it for?

Businesses that sell directly from a site/app.

Eg. Retail, tickets, subscription services, financial products, fashion etc…

What do you get?

Media Channels


Key Features

  • Google Paid Search Creates sales from those searching for your business, or related products and services.
  • Facebook captures audiences most likely to be interested in your business.

Package Includes:

Account setup & Keyword planning

3 campaigns | 6 Adgroups | 12 Ads

Audience Planning

2 Adsets | 6 Ads

Daily optimisation

Monthly reporting

Sales tracking

Gold Sales Package

Minimum term 3 months


£ 2,613


£ 7,839