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Engaging Format

Admessenger was designed by Zapp360 to be the perfect solution for SMEs to quickly and effectively get their business seen on mobile phones in their local area. Admessenger is an incredibly simple of way of harnessing the power of mobile advertising. It delivers a unique ticker format that mimics the news feeds we’re used to seeing on rolling news and sports channels. This means Admessages are easy to read and attract attention without detracting from the browsing experience like so many mobile ad-formats. As a result Admessages get 3-5 times the average click thru rate for mobile banners.

Easy to Create 

Admessages consist of up to 140 characters and an optional logo, or image. They require no time-consuming and costly creative process.

Easy to Setup

Admessages can be created in minutes through our simple Admessenger dashboard.

  1. Choose your dates and budget
  2. Create your Admessage
  3. Select the location(s) you want your Admessages to be seen
  4. Add your target audience and hit go…it’s that simple




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